Monday 20. May 2019


1000 years ago...

"All believing Christians both the now living and those in the future sholud know that my wife called Wichburg, widow oft he Count Otwin of blessen memory, has reconstruceted a church oft he martyr Saint George on her property and has established there a convent upon approval by her sons…"


With these words the foundation oft he oldest still inhabited convent in Carinthia is put on record. Hildpurg, the doughter oft he couple and nun in the Benedictine abbey Nonnberg in Salzburg was ordained as the first abbedd. Together with Hildpurg some othernuns had comefrom Nonnberg to Carinthia.  Count Otwin and his wife were entombed and revered in the convent´s crypt.

The "noble convent" of St. Georgen was reformed in the 12th century. In 1122 the convent was placed under the direction oft he abbot Wolford of Admont and inhabited by the Admont´s choir woman. Since the 70s oft he 12th century the control by Admont could be abolished and the convent remained under the suzerainty of Salzburg. Over the centuries the economic difficulties oft he convent also due to the Turkish Wars and the taxation involved represented a major problem. During the Protestant Reformation the convent community experienced ist absolute low point. The abbess Dorothea Rumpf then had merely two fellow nuns. Support was received from the convent Göß, among them Afra of Staudach (1562) who helped the convent ti achieve a new upturn. The convent reached ist statistical high point in 1683 with 31 choir woman and 16 lay sisters. In the convent there was an apothecary and herewith the medical care for region, because the convent cared for up to 500 sick persons every year. One oft he most important duties of the nuns was the school education. However, in 1783 the conevnt St.Georgen was closed and ist good were given to religion fund. In 1788 the Count Max Thaddäus Egger brought the former convent 163.100 gulden. For three generations St. Georgen was the ancestral home oft he counts Egger. Towards the end oft he 19th century the "castle" was opened fort he tourism. In 1934 the „Mariannhiller mission congregation“ acquired St. Georgen and attended tot he surrounding parishes. During wartime temporarily there was arranged the seminary of Gurk, till in 1943 the convent was changed into a military hospital. In 1948 the Marianhiller took over the house anew. In 1959 the diocese Gurk bought the immobile St. Georgen to install an Episcopal educational establishment. For decades here were incorporated even schools. Especially during the summer months many tourists come to our house. The educational establishment St. Georgen through ist educational offerings feels very connected tot he spiritual tradition of this place.

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